Maasel Fin Oy is a private company established in Helsinki (Finland) in 2005. The founder of the company is an emigrant from St. Petersburg (Russia), who himself faced the problem, how to take care of the graves that have been left in Russia, while he is living abroad. It was a long story, but finally a permanent solution to the problem was found unexpectedly. It happened due to the business purposes when Russian UNION OF FUNERAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CREMATORIES applied to Maasel Fin Oy for marketing and consulting services in Finland.  After few years of positive cooperation the idea of RUSGRAVES.COM was conceived.

Header_1The mission of this project is to help people to pay the last debt to those who have passed away before us.

Maasel Fin Oy provides care and maintenance of graves and memorials at any cemetery in Russia.

We treat each case as a unique and deeply personal story, but still the basic set of services includes:

Cleanup and weeding the graves of old leaves and flowers
Cleaning and polishing of the headstone, cross or monument
Pruning bushes and shrubs, if it belongs to the territory of cleaning
Grave decorations
Flower delivery
Photo or video report before and after the maintenance
In some cases, when there’s no exact information about the plot
location, it is also necessary first to arrange burial search.

Basically we provide two visits per year – in autumn and in spring
(before and after snow period), but upon request certainly we can
arrange visits in preparation for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays

Contact Maasel Fin Oy:

Maasel Fin Oy, Melkonkatu 16B, 00210 Helsinki, Finland.

Tel. +358 46 845 44 58

E-mail: info(at)rusgraves.com